Our cities are constantly changing as we are ageing, but are our cities changing in ways that reflect our interests or concerns as we age? 

The World Health Organisation’s Global Age Friendly City Initiative has emphasised the need to improve access for individuals, families, communities and publics to create places where they can comfortably live, grow up and grow old. Hearing what people have to say about the diversity of ageing experiences is an important starting point to working towards improving the urban environment to support better ageing in place.

MyPlace is a three-year inter-disciplinary and collaborative research project between Newcastle University, Northumbria University, Newcastle City Council and Newcastle’s Age Friendly City Initiative. We are working together with a range (non)statutory partners in the research, planning and design of an Age Friendly City in Newcastle upon Tyne.

We are conducting a range of case studies that are working with citizens in different ways, which focus on:

  • Promoting an understanding of design issues around the built environment;
  • Supporting communities to develop research and involving people in design workshops;
  • Documenting and analyzing experiences of access and mobility through people’s journeys in the city and their relationship to place;
  • Communicating findings and ideas through visualisations and stories;
  • Designing new products or services to demonstrate what an age friendly city could be like.
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